Glam Skanks 'Glitter City' Album Review

Transport yourself back to the time where to the dismay of numerous conservative crowds, Cherie Currie wore a corset and suspenders on stage with her band The Runaways, reminding audiences that a woman’s sexuality is not something which should be feared or controlled. In fact, a woman owning and being proud of her sexuality is something which should be celebrated, and in all forms. In this case, it’s through music - and besides, if Led Zeppelin could be part pioneers of the genre of “cock-rock”, then women should be allowed to be just as proud of their genitalia. In other words, artists such as The Runaways, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Blondie, all provided that first step in which today numerous women have a foot gladly nestled - with that step being part of the ladder to full female empowerment.

Glam Skanks, a junkshop-glam rock quartet from LA, are one of the many bands who have passed on the flame of empowered femininity. Delivering numerous savvy, hard-rocking tracks,  their persona and music acts as a clear prompt to those in the public which wish to dampen their glittering blaze, basically - Glam Skanks are not to be messed with. These are the women living in the era of Donald Trump’s “nasty women”, the pussies who grab back and the women who will most definitely not hesitate to tell you to "fuck off" when made to feel uncomfortable. 

Simply by sweeping your gaze across Glitter City's track list, it’s automatically clear that this is a record which undoubtedly packs a punch; a sparkly, star-studded punch at that - “We leave behind a trail of glitter wherever we go”“Fuck Off’, “Bad Bitch” and “Blow Me” are a few examples, and partnered against Ali Cat’s punching vocal, you can almost hear Cherie Currie’s disobedient voice echoed behind her, telling the world about her wild tenancies in the famed ‘CherryBomb’. 

Glam Skanks are a sparkling reincarnation of the hosts of artists which came before them - T.Rex, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Sweet - but instead, a hell of a lot fiester. ‘Teenage Drag Queen’ sparks the same ideology as Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’, but alternatively with a vigorous, fast-paced glam guitar riff. 

‘Karma’ sets off with a bluesy, dark rhythm, joined by vocalist Cat, as she craftily purrs “wearing hooker heels and dirty eyes”, and theatrically cries that “Karma is a skank", all whilst drenched with an unmissable punk attitude. ‘Radio Blues’ evokes much of an early Motorhead, playing around a hip-swinging 12 bar blues structure.

Keeping all of these comparisons in mind, Glam Skanks might have a clear connection to their influences but, they’re still one fierce, infectious band who are stamped with an obvious originality. This album is jammed with bluesy rhythms, hard rock hooks, heavy grooves, all together tied under the sassy umbrella of Ali Cat’s bloodthirsty, venomous vocal. Looking for some good old fashioned, fun rock ’n roll? Here's Glitter City.

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