The Secret Is Out - Say Hello To Secret Cameras and Their New EP

Sparkling and eccentric, Secret Cameras newly released EP pulls upon a distinctive 80’s thread, relinquishing strong vibes reminiscent of bands such as New Order and Joy Division. Although they are a band which are so easily comparable to groups from the 80’s, this isn’t to say that Secret Cameras sound is outdated. In fact, the new EP has strung in a whole host of positive reviews, and has even planted them on festival bills such as Camden Rocks and Sonder. However, for a group who seem to already know exactly what they’re doing, they’re still a “secret” to most. To gain a fuller picture, we sat down with frontman Itamar Starets, and issued a full investigation as we attempted to answer - Who really are Secret Cameras? 

So your new self-titled EP is out, can you talk a bit about it? 

IS: Sure, it was recorded mostly at my home studio, at a time when things were kind of changing.I just became a dad around that time and set up this home studio that I didn't really know much about.

It was a very challenging time to be making a record but I wasn't gonna let that stop me. Fraser Smith (Shed Seven, Ian Brown) co produced the EP with me, I learned a lot from him. We then got Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode, Placebo, Suede, Courteeners) involved.

What’s the main subject matter of your material, if there is one?

IS: It's ‘Never Over’ is about my parents' relationship falling apart but the message isn't really that negative there, it's even positive in a way. Another example is a song called Beautiful, which is a song I wrote about becoming a dad (before I became one). I was absolutely terrified, thought it was the end of the world and all that.

What was your inspiration behind the song ‘It Doesn’t Matter’?  May you discuss the video?

IS: The song is about that woman that drives you crazy. I'm sure many guys have been there. I wanted the video to put an emphasis on the meaning of the lyrics and I think it does that well.

Do any of you have any weird habits?

IS: Well, I have a habit of getting really really stressed before gigs. I go back and forth and am not very communicative. There's absolutely no logic to it, I've done many gigs…I have gotten better at it though lately, which is a good sign.

Tell me one interesting thing about each member of the band. 

IS: Well, I'm talking about myself enough but I can tell you about the others:
Kristian works in IT, Sam has absolute hearing, Dimitris doesn't like Macedonia (perhaps this one is not that interesting though;)

If you could time travel to any particular period of time, which period would you travel to?

IS: 2006. I was living in Tel Aviv, 30 seconds walk from the beach. That was a lovely time.

“Music was better in the old days”…Numerous people seem to say this. What do you think of this statement? Do you think music really was ‘better’ or is today’s music just as good? 

IS: I don't see any bands recording albums like OK Computer (Radiohead) , This Is Hardcore (Pulp), Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Depeche Mode), Dog Man Star (Suede) nowadays.Those were albums I used to listen on repeat. But today is the age of the single tracks, it's just the way it is. Having said that , I love The National and each of their last albums have been brilliant (in my opinion). Perhaps not the newest band in the market but still.

You’ve played Camden Rocks Festival this year, do you plan to play any weekend festivals?

IS: Yeah, we played Camden Rocks Festival and we're going to play Sonder Festival in Manchester in July. I hope we will play more festivals next year.

Grossest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a festival?

IS: Once saw a pregnant woman backstage so drunk she fell on her face. Not gross perhaps but a bit shocking.

What are your plans for the future?

IS: We are going back into the studio in July to record new material. Can't wait for that!

Visit their website and listen to the new album: 

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