Post Lovers 'Melbourne/Going Away' Single Review

The first new single of Post Lovers, aka the solo project of Eleni Karageorgou from Athens, is a charmingly idyllic ditty; so pleasant in fact, that it’s hard to believe something so picturesque can belong in a world so dismissive of such things. A track of this nature is like a break in a storm; the short span in which to escape from the minimal shelter you’ve discovered after getting caught in the rain - the escape to safer, dryer territory. 

Tucked inside its short breadth of just 2 minutes and 48 seconds, ‘Melbourne/Going Away’ plays with a soft, paper-like indie-folk sound, crafting an easy-to-digest tidbit of nostalgic youthfulness. Papery indeed, this isn’t to say that the track lacks substance, but instead, exceeds all the more so in its minimalistic transparency. 

With a delicate, pittering guitar melody running throughout, tied against loose chords and a gentle drum beat, the instrumentation is spacious and minimal. A simple track, perhaps calling upon the more straight forward understandings of human emotion; the obvious realisation of knowing that you’re in need of someone, “but when I’m alone, I’m thinking of you”. 

Karageorgou’s vocal is raw and honest, also seemingly similar to Emma Richardson’s voice from Band of Skulls. ‘Melbourne/Going Away’ is a beautiful and undeniably wholesome track, and is to be released August 1st via Inner Ear Records.

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