If you’re familiar with the band Truckfighters, you will have definitely heard the phrases “Desert Cruiser” and “absolute jam” amidst the same sentence, or at least, something along those lines. Go to a Truckfighters show, and you will most certainly hear that same song demanded to be played relentlessly from the eager attendees, impatiently waiting to hear the infamous number. Granted, ‘Desert Cruiser’ is mighty, but it’s nowhere near all Truckfighters have to offer, and their sold out show at Camden’s Underworld proved that without hindrance.
Beer soaked and tainted with a concoction of questionable odours (probably due to the hoards of people smacking into each other during the support), The Underworld is a prime venue to fit this wild and unrestrained band. Seeing tracks such as ‘The 1’, ‘Hawkshaw’ and ‘Mind Control’, the night melds into a stoner-y whirlwind. With rumbling bass saturated by a tone so fuzzy it’ll make your heart rattle, coupled with thunderous drums and monstrous guitar riffs, Truckfighters’ performance is fittingly hellish for the dark and doom-y Underworld.
Within the catastrophic storm of pummelling instruments, vocalist/ bassist Oskar ‘Ozo’ Cedermalm acts as an anchor to the chaos; with clear, clean and semi-soothing vocals, his voice sweeps refreshingly through the mix. Offsetting Ozo’s tranquility is guitarist Niklas Källgren, who with wild eyes glinting, frequently thrashes around the stage with his guitar held behind his head. The whole dynamic is enormous fun, cementing the band’s vital status as unpretentious yet technically dazzling figures in the stoner-rock landscape.
A night of unrestricted, emphatic mayhem with the only perceivable downfall being that you might have a bit of a sore neck for the oncoming week.
(For Audio Addict)

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